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Luna — Adopted! Come meet this adorable 3-month-old terrier mix!

Luna loves to play and is amazing snuggler! Luna will be available Saturday, June 29th F Delilah — adopted Delilah is a 2-year-old terrier mix with lots of happy terrier energy!

Be warned: NSFW gifs within.

She enjoys the company of dogs and people alike. Her favorite game is to grab the biggest stick in the yard and run with it, trying to tempt the other dogs to chase her.

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She would be a great playmate for your playful dog. She is the rare dog who enjoys a bath, so perhaps she would like to go swimming with you? Because of her abundance of energy, we would prefer a fenced yard or a family with an avid When they first came to us, both of them were clearly not used to human touch and cowered in fear whenever we approached them. But with lots of patience and plenty of tasty treats, these two boys have come a long ways in two months. Timberlake is still young about years old and a Border Collie mix Chloe — adopted Chloe is a 6-year-old chihuahua mix who is showing you her favorite yoga pose in the photo!

She is a little shy at first. She would like a calmer home. She is not much of a barker, which is a nice surprise in a chihuahua! He is very friendly and gets along with people and other dogs. He is both house and crate trained. He has tons of energy and will require a house with a fenced in yard so he can run around freely. Minnie — adopted The perfect lap dog with a lot of personality is the best description for Minnie girl. Her favorite place is on the couch with you and if she sleeps in the bed, she is a typical Chihuahua and buries herself under the covers.

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She is 2 years old and has been spayed , vaccinated and is ready to find her forever home. Ashley — adopted If you are looking for a lap dog who loves to give kisses then Ashley is your girl! Ashley is a Shih-tzu and about 6 years old. She adjusted very easily in her foster home, and is very loyal to her family and loves the other dogs and the cat in the house. Her favorite place is sitting on the couch with us and then enjoys following us around the fenced yard.

She has no bad habits but she is still working on housebreaking as the previous family used pee pads or newspapers. She understands to go when taken outside She is a great lap dog who is affectionate, yet not too needy. She is currently trying to lose some weight and we hope that weight loss will continue in her forever home. She is slowly learning that people food is not for dogs. She will alert you to strangers. She is perfectly potty trained and will go to Stella — adopted Hi, my name is Stella. I am looking for a forever home. I love people and other dogs and I love to play.

I am growing quickly and I am a Shepherd mix. I was born February 4, I am going to be a big dog and will need a nice high fence. My foster mom says I am sweet, loving and have wonderful temperament. If you love puppies and big dogs, please come and meet me. Dakota — adopted Dakota is a 12 week old German Shepherd mix.

We are working on crate and house training currently. She does have some separation anxiety so finding an owner that is not gone long periods of time would be ideal. She is great with kids, cats and dogs. She is very playful and loves to snuggle. She will be available for adoption May 8th.

A fenced in yard is required. Active is our middle name. When we are called, we come running! We LOVE to sit on your lap!

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  4. We love to give lots of kisses and want to be with you all time. A fenced yard would be best for us and older children only. Jack — adopted For all the big-dog lovers out there: Meet Jack! This 2-year old Labrador mix weighs in at pounds and you better brace yourself when he comes barreling at you in the yard with a big, goofy grin on his face. Jack is an energetic dog and requires a securely fenced yard. He would not be a good choice for a home with young children or for anyone who is not very steady on their feet.

    His previous owner told us that he can be possessive over toys and food and he needs a family that is willing to work This is TJ. He is a 12 week old terrier mix and a bundle of energy. He loves to run and play and really needs a brother or sister to play with. He is super friendly and loves people and other dogs. He still needs some work on his potty training. He travels well in a crate in the car, but does not do very well in a crate at home. He has a bit of separation anxiety and prefers Big Mac — adopted! Even though his wrinkly forehead makes Big Mac look very serious, this big boy can be quite the goofball.

    Thankfully, he is also a smart boy and already knows his basic commands. And he loves showing off his tricks! Big Mac also does a great job entertaining himself with toys and enjoys throwing his toys in the air and catching them. We were told that he has lived with other dogs, but we have not had a chance to introduce him to any of our other shelter dogs Rocco — adopted Rocco is 12 years young and ready to start a new chapter in his life.

    This handsome Shar Pei came to us in need of a complete makeover.

    Cassie and The Wild Cat: Bug in the Rug

    His nails looked like they had never been trimmed. He had the inverted eyelids that are typical for his breed and he never had surgery to correct this painful condition. And his teeth were in all around terrible shape. A dental, a neuter, an eye surgery, weeks of eye meds, and several nail trims later, Rocco feels a new dog. Despite everything that he has been through, Rocco has been the perfect Bella — adopted Even though Bella does a great job looking tough in her kennel, she is a big mush once you get her out.

    Bella is a very sweet girl, but needs reassurance and can be fearful in new situations and would not be a good fit for an active home with young children.

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    She is working on her leash walking skills, but definitely requires a fenced yard at this point. Bella is about years old and is on the smaller side for a Rottie.

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    Since she has spent the last few months going through heartworm treatment, we have not had Jill — adopted Jill originally came to us with her brother Jackpot who was adopted very quickly. Unfortunately, Jill tested positive for heartworm and had to go through treatment first. Jill is a beautiful year-old German Shepherd mix. She can be a bit timid around new people at first, but loves to lean into you for affection and soak up all the attention she can get.

    We think that she would do best in a home without young children and with a fenced yard. Since she came from a home with another dog, we know that she does well with some dogs. Myla — adopted! Myla was surrendered last fall when her owners decided that, at 15 years old, she would not survive another winter outside. Yes, you read that correctly, this sweet little girl spent the first 15 years of her life outside.

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    Unfortunately, Myla also tested heartworm positive and had to go through treatment. Now that she is finally heartworm free and feeling better, Myla is ready to make up for lost time. She loves soft beds and cuddling with our volunteers and Unfortunately, her previous owner did not keep her on a strict prescription diet and she came to us with a urinary tract infection and very painful bladder stones that had to be surgically removed. Gracie will have to be on Royal Canin Urinary SO food for the rest of her life to prevent the stones from recurring.

    Gracie is as sweet as she could possibly be. She loves to snuggle and is a true lap dog. Yet even though Gracie is a senior, Dakota — Adopted! Dakota - friendly companion Loves to play and eat and loves shenanigans. Hank — adopted Hi, my name is Hank and I'm one of the dogs from Korea.