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Franchot Tone as the British soldier is appropriately savvy and passionately dedicated to winning the war; his mid-Atlantic accent is only mildly distracting. Hotel maid Anne Baxter is alternatively tough and vulnerable, and absolutely adorable.

Akim Tamiroff provides comic relief perhaps a bit too much as the panic stricken hotel owner, as does Fortunio Bonanova as the Italian general, who you might remember as the exasperated singing coach in Citizen Kane. Perhaps the title scares people off. The fight scene during the air raid is a masterpiece of suspense. Two men race though a darkened hotel as bombs explode outside, the flashes randomly illuminating their struggle. They end up fighting for a gun in a room barely lit by a flashlight rolling across the floor.

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My Favorite Dialogue In the Movie. Schwegler [to Mouche]: Stupid. Never ask a big man for a small favor.

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Schwegler: Our complaints are brief. We make them against the nearest wall. Mind the shadows, the beautiful beautiful shadows, in this black and white film.

Director of Photography John F. Seitz layers shadows as if weaving a tapestry and yet you can still see everything Wilder wants you to see.

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His second book, Living in a Foreign Language , chronicles his experience, with his wife Jill Eikenberry, as homeowners in the Italian countryside. His third book, Family Meals, is an acclaimed food memoir. Skip to main content. Tuesday, April 3, - pm.

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After Annie: A Novel Hardcover. By Michael Tucker. Published: Harry N.