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Fred Luskin: The Choice To Forgive

People are waiting for me to get through all the hard stuff and then bring out the easy fix-it-all solution. That would be nice. But relationships are hard. We are fragile beings.

Offenses hurt…sometimes deeply. There is no pill to solve your relational diseases. There are only choices.

Your Choice to Forgive

That sounds much simpler than it really is. Forgiveness is hard.

How to Forgive: Forgiveness is a Choice

It takes courage. It takes determination.

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Forgiveness is bigger than you or I, that is, true forgiveness…forgiveness that allows us to move on and even bless our offender. The best that most of us can do is a. Once you can step into a forgiving mindset, a world of possibility opens.

Finding You, The Path to Lasting Happiness

Forgiveness clears away anger, resentment, and fear. Resentments cloud our judgment. When you forgive, you release the energy that you are misdirecting on to another person and the past, and focus it where it belongs — on you, in this moment. If we remain mindful of the bigger picture when someone hurts us, we gain understanding about how their own issues and attitudes have affected them.

Forgiveness: The most radical choice | Articles | NewSpring Church

Compassion, empathy, and forgiveness flow if we remain aware. When forgiveness becomes a way of life, we all benefit on an individual level and as a society. Whether it is forgiveness for very severe wrongdoing, or just not feeling anger towards that person who cut you off in traffic, holding a different attitude about what we do with our pain, suffering, or just everyday annoyance, can dramatically transform the quality of our lives. We have the choice to forgive. Especially ourselves.

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The key to happiness is reprogramming our desires, letting go of self-criticism and getting to a point in your life where you feel like a worthwhile being. Without a sense of being centered in who you are, and lovingly accepting yourself, happiness has no anchor. Listen Now. Your email address will not be published.

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